Fun for kids of all ages!

What does it all cost?

Own a Horse for a day                            6 hours of instruction      $400.00

Trail Riding (for experienced riders only)   2 hours for                     $80.00 per person (min 2)

GO Club Ladies Days                             Tue and Thu mornings    $60.00 per session

Confidence building sessions                  2 hours                          $80.00

                                                            3 hours                          $120.00

Basic Riding Lessons                            see Riding Lessons page

Birthday Parties                                    see Birthday Parties page

Pony Rides                                           see Pony Rides page

Bring Your Own Horse                           Trail Rides                      $20.00 per hour

                                                           Riding Lessons               $50.00 per hour

                                                           GO Club                         $40.00 per session

                                                           Endurance Basics           $40.00 per hour

Release, Indemnity and Waiver of Liability

Waiver of Liability - SS.pdf

Prior to riding at Splendacrest Stables, you will be required to sign a "Release, Indemnity and Waiver of Liability Form". 

Please print out this form, sign it, and bring it along when you come for your ride.

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