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Bring Your Own Horse!

Would you like to participate in trail rides or lessons or the GO Club on your own horse?  Well, that's possible too!  You can contact Splendacrest Stables to arrange to bring your own horse and join our activities.

The trail riding in the area is spectacular, and your horse would need to be reasonably fit.  As many of our trails are rocky, we require that your horse is correctly shod or booted and that hooves, tack and other gear are in good condition.  Helmets are compulsory!

Contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 0438 309 458, and see what we can offer. 

Learn the basics of Endurance Riding or Arabian Racing on your horse!

As Splendacrest Stables is a working endurance training and racing stable, you are also welcome to bring your own horse and learn the basics of endurance riding or Arabian racing from us.  These sessions range from 2 - 5 hours, and will give you a good overview of both sports without the pressure of being at a competition or race meeting.

Splendacrest Stables also offers barrier education and training, and assistance on how to feed your endurance or race horse.

Sessions on your own horse can be organised in groups or individually.  Please contact Splendacrest Stables for more information.

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