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Levels of Achievement

Splendacrest Stables streams students and clients into levels of achievement, and as you progress in your riding skills you move up the levels.

All beginner riders who participate in lessons, whether on the Splendacrest school horses or your own horse, start off as a "Blue Level" or "Green Level" rider.  As you progress and learn and improve your skills, you will then be promoted to "Black Level".  After you have proven your dedication and ability, you will achieve "Gold Level" status. 

Blue, Green and Black Levels of achievement incur a cost for riders, however once you have reached Gold Level, further riding and instruction at Splendacrest Stables is based on a monthly fee.  At all levels it is expected that the rider/student participates in general stable duties in addition to paying for lessons and other instruction.

Blue Level

All new adult students to Splendacrest Stables commence as a "Blue Level" rider.  You will learn all the basics of horse care and riding skills, and will also be able to participate in trail rides. 

Green Level

All new school-aged students to Splendacrest Stables commence as a "Green Level" rider.  As a Green Level rider you will learn the basics of horse care and riding skills, including the following:

  * Catching, leading and grooming your horse

  * Saddling and bridling your horse

  * Mounting and dismounting correctly

  * Riding both in the saddle and bareback

  * Lunge line lessons

  * Walk, trot and canter

Black Level

Once you have mastered the basics of riding, and have been assessed, you will progress to the "Black Level", where you will then expand your riding and horsemanship skills.  This will include:

  * Diagonals and leads

  * Feeding and medication

  * Washing and clipping your horse

  * Trail and endurance riding manners and skills

  * Endurance competition, if you are interested

  * Loading, unloading, competition strapping

Gold Level

Riders who successfully progress through Blue/Green and Black Levels will then be invited to join the "Gold Level", which brings additional benefits for the rider.  It is expected that most riders will take approximately a minimum of two years to reach Gold Level.

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