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The Horses at Splendacrest Stables

Splendacrest Stables has many horses to choose from, depending upon your skill level and riding ability.

To begin with you will have lessons on one of the school horses:  Chevy, Harley, Mickey or Narayen.  Once you have gained confidence and have learned the basics, you may then move on to one of the other lovely horses at Splendacrest.


Emma is a 21 year old grey Arabian mare, 15hh.  She is very pretty, loves to go fast, but is very quiet to ride.


Zafire is an 15 year old grey Arabian stallion, 14.3hh.  He is extremely gentle and is a perfect gentleman. 


Harley is a 23 year old chestnut Arabian gelding, 14.2hh.  Harley is a lovely horse, capable of teaching children or adults.


Mickey is an 18 year old bay Thoroughbred gelding, 15.3hh.  He is very quiet and easy to ride, and loves to teach kids.


Chevy is a 30 year old grey Arabian gelding, 15hh.  He is always really calm and easy to ride, and loves to go out on the trails.


Obi is a beautiful 18 year old chestnut Arabian gelding, 15.1hh.  He is easy to ride, but is a little bit faster than some others.


Airlie is a 9 year old grey Arabian mare, 14.3hh.  She is very pretty and loves to eat, but is also easy to ride for more confident riders.


Cosi is a 15 year old liver chestnut American Saddlebred gelding, 15.2hh.  He is very quiet and easy to ride, and is great for both adults and children.


Narayen is an 20 year old chestnut part-Arabian mare, 15hh.  She is extremely pretty, with a flaxen mane and tail, and always looks perfect!


Goofy is a 5 year old chestnut Arabian gelding, 14.1hh.  He is very quiet and comfortable to ride, and loves going on trail rides.

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